Rod Guides

Manufactured to the Highest Standards

LUFKIN Rods rod guides are designed and manufactured using the most advanced designs and thermoplastics. Our guides will maximize the life of your most demanding applications including wells that are deviated or directional, high temperature, corrosive, high water cuts and solids.

The 5 and one half inch bullet rod manufactured by US Rod


The curved vane design distributes the load over a wider portion of the tubing and increases the ability of the rod string to rotate when used with a rod rotator. The 5-1/2” Bullet rod guide offers superior protection with greater EWV (Erodible Wear Volume) than the competition. Every Bullet has wear indicators molded into the guide for a quick visual confirmation of when it’s time for replacement.

Better Design, Better Defense, Better Flow

Every Bullet sucker rod guide has extended tapered ends that minimizes fluid drag and lowers the chance of corrosion occurring on the leading edge during the downstroke.

The Bullet EX Rod manufactured by US Rod

Bullet EX

Two inches longer than the Bullet, the Bullet EX uses the same curved vane design for increased EWV. The longer design is recommended for wells greater than 10° inclination or a dogleg severity greater than 5°/100ft.

The Extreme-LT Rod manufactured by US Rod

Xtreme-LT Rod Guide

The Xtreme-LT is specifically designed to minimize guide induced corrosion failures and reduce fluid drag in high viscosity fluids. The narrow vanes allow for greater fluid bypass and the longer length stabilizes the flow before exiting the Xtreme-LT. The Xtreme-LT is recommended for corrosive environments and wells with viscous fluid.

Guide Rods Materials Chart. Click to download full specifications sheet


Specifically blended for LUFKIN Rods, materials such as AU and PK-U do not contain reinforcing glass fibers. The removal of glass fibers lowers the abrasiveness of the plastic, but also increases the wear rate. These materials are best suited for wells with coated or lined tubing. PK-U has better wear properties than AU, but a lower maximum operating temperature.


AF is a proven thermoplastic that has been used in the oilfield since the early 1990’s. Our blend uses 33% glass filled PPA and can be used in most applications. Because AF is hygroscopic (absorbs water), the maximum continuous use temperature is limited by the water cut of the well.


PPS is another oilfield proven plastic. LUFKIN Rod’s specifically formulated blend has 40% glass fibers. It has excellent wear properties, is non-hygroscopic and superior chemical resistance. This gives PPS the ability to be used in almost any application below 400°F (204°C).


Designed for the Eagle Ford, PPS-MAX is formulated to give the best performance of any plastic in the oilfield. PPS-MAX is selected for use in the most demanding applications. From extreme temperatures to extreme sideloads, PPS-MAX combined with the proper design will protect your tubing string long after other plastics have failed.


PK-F is the newest plastic introduced to the oilfield. With 30% glass fiber reinforced, it gives better wear than AF and is non-hygroscopic.

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